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Changing the face of beauty … What does this mean?

BS_sauce-CFB-LThe organization called Changing the Face of Beauty is encouraging families and friends to call out to their favorite retailers and ask them to include models of all abilities in their advertising.  The group using social media has made the movement global. Companies in the UK, Australia and the United States are being reached out to.

If you would like to help …  it is easy to to do. You don’t have to have a child or a loved one with a disability. You don’t have to have a disability yourself. ANYONE can take a stand for the largest minority in the world by asking your favorite retailers and brands to include people of all abilities in their media and advertising. It takes 2 seconds and a Facebook or twitter account!

We ask you to send a message, a video or a picture to a retailer saying …

Hey (your favorite retailer) #IMREADY for change. We want YOU to include models with disabilities in 2015. We want YOU to be part of the #15in2015 . 15 retailers including models with disabilities in 2015. We know you see us. Represent us.

The team members at BS Sauce are taking an active step to use people of all abilities in our advertising efforts  In doing so we have meet some of the most amazing people who all share two traits … A great joy for life and a huge smile upon their face!


Shoeboxes- for more than just shoes?

They can also hold the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace


Shoeboxes have TONS of uses, but my very favorite thing to use them for is bringing  joy and Jesus Christ to children in dire need of both.

In December, I had the pleasure of going to the headquarters of Samaritan’s Purse in Boone, NC to help process shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, (OCC for short).

What is OCC?


GOD’S NOT DEAD. What a powerful message!

GOD’S NOT DEAD … a song, a provoking thought, a movie

Yes, a song and a movie, both with a thought provoking message. The movie God’s Not Dead is about college freshman Josh Wheaton and the choice he is forced to make regarding the existence of God when his philosophy professor demands each student in his class write “God is Dead” on a piece of paper, SIGN IT and turn it in to him.

Would you willingly do that? … Is Josh willing?