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Neese’s Sausage … not just for breakfast

Neese’s Sausage … it’s good stuff and it’s been around for nearly 100 years.

I have personally been enjoying Neese’s products since I was a kid … and don’t ask me how long ago that was ’cause I’m not saying. Now, if you haven’t yet tried their sausage, it’s about time you do and believe me, it’s not just for breakfast!

These past three years of working with BS Cooking Sauce have given me a chance to expand my culinary skills and creativity in cooking. One of the many fun job responsibilities I have is creating new recipes with our cooking sauce and, as our company believes in supporting local businesses, I try to incorporate local products in these recipes when I can … Neese’s being one of them.

Truly, it only makes sense that putting two great products together would lead to something awesome … and it does!  By combining Neese’s sausage with our BS Original Cooking Sauce we have created three dishes that are not only simple to prepare but are also proven to please.

Three tasty creations using BS Original Cooking Sauce &

                                 Three tasty creations using BS Original Cooking Sauce & Neese’s Sausage

We know first hand that they are a crowd favorite as we have served these dishes for the past few years at tasting events held throughout NC.  We have literally watched thousands of people smile after taking a bite … and that smile is usually followed with an expression such as, “YUM”, “Wow”, “Man that’s good” or “How did you make that, it’s awesome“!

Recipes for each of these dishes can be found on the BS Sauce website. Remember this before you head out to the store … use regular sausage in the Cheese Dip and the Sloppy Joe and HOT sausage in the Hot Dog Chili. The BS Original Cooking Sauce is used in all three.

Neese's & BS Sauce

Click here for Hot Dog Chili Recipe
Click here for Neese’s Sausage Cheese Dip Recipe
Click here for Sloppy Joe Recipe

A good hot dog also needs a good coleslaw … try this one, we think you’ll like it a lot and it’s super easy to make! … Recipe for Coleslaw

Visit the Neese’s Sausage website:

Now I just need to figure out what to do with this Country Scrapple … any ideas?

 Neeses Scrapple

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