Bill Staley telling us that the "BS" stands for.

What’s in a name?

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BS Sauce Logo created in 2013 and revised in 2013

It’s no surprise I get asked – What does the “BS” stand for? – a lot.

So, I asked Bill that very question and this is what I got …

Bill Staley, a Navy man who never did sail the Bering Strait, needed a BBQ Sauce for a picnic his Bible Study class, called the Blessed Saviors, was hosting at a church on Bourbon Street.

Luckily, Bill Staley’s wife Barbra Staley, who grew up on a Back Street near Brown Summit, had an old family recipe for a BBQ Sauce she proclaimed would be Brilliantly Superb.  It was Barbra Staley’s grandmother Belinda Smith’s original creation.

So, Bill Staley took Belinda Smith’s old family recipe for a BBQ Sauce and Basically Screwed it up. He left out the Brown Sugar and added in the wrong spices … however, it was GREAT and you could cook lots of Bodacious Stuff with it.

It didn’t take long for Brilliant Scientist to discover this was no ordinary BBQ Sauce but an amazingly versatile cooking sauce!

Well, Bill Staley’s keen Business Since told him that this creation was Brilliant Stuff and he should Bottle Swiftly so it could be purchased by a Billion Shoppers!  The Bottled Sauce needed a name so Bill Staley called it BS Sauce.

The Bible Study class was thrilled that Bill Staley named the sauce after them, the Blessed Saviors.

His USS Belknap Shipmates knew better but never said a word.

As for his wife Barbra Staley, she’s still angry at him for messing grandma Belinda Smith’s recipe which, in her words, “is still better than that BS Stuff!”

I have been his business partner for going on three years now and I have yet to figure out where he came up with the name BS Sauce.  Bill claims it’s named it after his mother “Lena Staley”! Go Figure?

Well, that’s Bill’s story and he’s sticking to it … what do you think it stands for?

As for the different color splash dots … that’s another story … any guesses?


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