BS Sauce Tasting Event…what’s that?

So what in the world is a BS Sauce tasting event?   No worries, here’s the scoop …

First off, our tasting events are FUN! What two things go better together than laughter and good food?! We love food almost as much as we love to laugh so we definitely have a good time at the tasting events … as do most of the people who stop by for a free sample of our products.

Now for the nitty-gritty …

Where? The tastings are held at locations that actually stock our products. (Brilliant, huh?!)

When? Most are five hours long and run from 11:03 am to 3:57 pm…no, that’s not a typo!

Who? The Demo Dudes, Walt York (me) and Bill Staley (creator of BS Sauce)

What? We generally feature 12 to 15 hot and cold items that are prepared with BS Sauce Products. (All served from our very cool tasting cart.)

The really cool tasting cart

Our very cool tasting cart

Our menu may feature any of the following items:

  • Pulled Pork BBQ topped with BS Original Cooking Sauce
  • BS Sloppy Joe
  • BS Hot Dog Chili
  • Ranch Mashed Potatoes
  • Neese’s Sausage Cheese Dip – the #1 fan favorite
  • Sautéed chicken topped with Original Cooking Sauce
  • Rice with Attitude
  • Summer Sausage topped with BS Mustard
  • Corn & Black Bean Salsa – made with BS Carolina Vinaigrette
  • Southwestern Salsa – made with BS Country Ranch
  • Marinated Tomato / Cucumber Salad – made with BS Marinade
  • Sweet & Sassy Sauce on either pineapple or ice cream
  • BS Old Mill Corn Bread
  • BS Brownies
  • Lettuce Salad for Carolina Vinaigrette and Country Ranch Salad Dressings
  • And sometimes we’ll even stir fry shrimp, beef and chicken.

Since “variety is the spice of life”, we like to vary our menu throughout the year. In the summer you will find more items geared toward cookouts and picnics. In the winter we like to offer warm comfort foods like soups and stews.

The tasting team of Bill & Walt ready to share some BS Sauce. Chef Bob makes guest appearances from time to time.

                   The tasting team of Bill & Walt ready to share some BS Sauce.
               Short order chef Bob makes guest appearances from time to time.

Visit our website,, to find out when the comedy team of Bill and Walt will be standing behind the “cool” tasting cart sharing the BS sauce at a location near you. We look forward to meeting you … see you soon!

Have you ever been to one of our tasting events?  What did you think of it?

Quotes from BS Sauce fans at a Tasting Event.


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