About the blog

Hello and welcome,

Here on the BS Sauce blog you will …

  • find thoughts, insights, ideas and random information on all things related to food! From funny to serious we hope to bedazzle you!
  • be introduced to many tasty and unique products, as well as recipes that we run across while peddling our BS Sauce at tasting events across the land.
  • discover the versatility of each of our BS Sauce products and be the first to learn about new BS Sauce recipes… ones that our fans submit along with those we create.
  • receive valuable cooking tips, many we’ve learned from exploring new ways of cooking the same foods we all tend to eat week after week… yes, the successes and the failures!
  • read our reviews on products such as grills and cookware. If you have something you would like us to review just let us know and if we can, we will.  Chef Goodstuff will rate the products one of three ways


Most of all we are here to have fun sharing the joys of cooking with our fans of BS Sauce.  Your comments, laughter and BS Sauce stories will always be welcome.

We are the BS Sauce guys … Bill and Walt.

Enjoy the blog and remember … Everything tastes better with a little BS … sauce, that is!  If you have yet to try a little, when you do, you will like it a lot.


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