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It’s more than a marinade!

 What I always loved as a great marinade will also stir-fry, make great salads and work when pickling.

BS_Sauce-marinade btteAs a marinade it is great for corn on the cob, shrimp, tilapia, london broil and my favorite grilled fresh veggies.  For those who enjoy a veterinarian diet the grilled marinated portobello mushrooms are wonderful!

When used for stir-frying it adds the most amazing flavor to whatever is cook in it.  Watching it caramelize on the outside of lets say chicken or shrimp is amazing.  You would think it would just steam away or burn to a goo but no … It coats the outside with flavor.

Making salads is another unexpected tread when using this marinade.  Some of my all time favorites are enhanced when the BS Marinade is added to the recipe.  I am now using it when making marinated pickled green bean salad, cucumbers and onions, tomatoes – cucumbers and feta cheese, pickled okra salad.  Those are the ones I have made to date and each was a hit with all who tried them.

Many of the tasty treats I mentioned in this blog post are available on the BS sauce website – www.bssauce.com