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Cooking with Chef Evan Videos using BS Sauce

Chef-evan-blog-1One of the coolest parts of my job is working with young chefs that love to cook and are not limited by “what they already know”.  Their minds are open to new ideas and they have their own ways of getting it done.

Discovering Chef Evan is an awesome breakthrough for BS Sauce Products.  Evan is funny, still very much a kid and just loves to play around AND he can cook.  He has a blast showing others how to create things like Corn and Black Bean Salsa his opening video.

You get to see his personality shine in his video for Wacky Rice which is due out in the next few weeks.  In this video you also get a glimpse into his family life, mom, dad and the brother.  You will quickly see why Evan is such a wonderful young man, that can be a hand full (in a good way) at times. (lol)

All of us in the BS Sauce family hope you enjoy these videos as much a we do.  Please send your comments, Chef Evan loves his fan mail

Watch Chef Evan’s Corn & Black Bean Salsa Video